Frequently asked questions

How can I join Bristol Inner City?

Request a Player trial  or Coach trial. This is a non-pressure taster process!.

We will respond as soon as possible. Assuming we have a space at the particular venue you are interested in, you will be invited to a free session once the paperwork is completed.

After your free session or several paid sessions of your choosing, we will follow up and discuss with you a permanent place at the relevant level.

What will happen following a player being invited for a trial session?

Without doubt this can be a daunting experience for some young players. However it is important that each player understands that their progression in football will be at their pace, that the BIC method of coaching has been developed by numerous years’ experience of coaches who have worked with elite players and are there to help and encourage young players to achieve their full and true potential.

BIC’s policy is not to put any player under any undue pressure and as such we do not hold “trials”, so there is no pressure. It is important each player interested in joining our Academy and development programme do so because they enjoy and are happy to become part of Bristol Inner City (BIC). Therefore any player invitation is based on this principle.

We recommend each player attends several sessions. Following each session, the coach will provide feedback on the player and once a joint decision between player and BIC has been made regarding commitment, the training squad most beneficial for the player will be offered to them and at what level within the Academy.

A communication process will then follow that share the outcome with the parent and player, either by telephone or via email. Where players are being invited in, a welcome letter and associated Direct Debit mandate will be forwarded for reading, signing and returning to the office.

Upon completion and return, squad places formally offered will be secured.

How we will be informed if an Academy session is cancelled?

In unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather or Health & Safety issues, a notification will be placed on the home page of our website. It will not be possible to ring every player across each of our venues so please always keep an eye on the website for up to date information.

If my son doesn’t attend a session can I get a refund?

No – we offer a structured programme to maximise the development of each and every player. Venues and coaches are therefore booked and paid for in advance. It must also be made clear ad-hoc attendance serves very little benefit to a child, so children should only be encouraged to attend if they are enthusiastic, motivated and willing to learn. We trust you as a parent will see the benefit in establishing these guidelines.

How do players get selected for the various fixtures that BIC play?

Selection takes account of many factors: playing standard, attitude and aptitude at training, progress with development areas plus the level of category fixture being played all play a part in squad selection.

Can I not be a direct debit member and just pay weekly?

As a direct debit member you are entitled to the full development programme and additional benefits (see benefits on our website).

All of our termly sessions are prepared and structured in advance to effectively develop the players and it is therefore essential that we know the numbers who are going to regularly attend. We want to be able to guarantee our players a place every week and so Direct Debit members will always take priority, and “pay as you go” players will only be offered a session if there is a space available on a particular week.

I have two children who pay by Direct Debit; do I get a sibling discount?

Yes. There is a 10% discount entitlement including holiday soccer schools or development days and games versus select elite sides and/or pro club academies.

Why do I have to pay fees and what are they used for?

BIC is a “Not for Profit” Community Inclusion & Interest Organization and the fees reflect what BIC must pay to provide the training programme and games.

We have very little control over hire charges made for the venues we use for training or games. BIC always aims to ensure our members are able to use facilities that are fit for purpose, safe and meet the needs of our members.

Additional expenditure includes training equipment, league fees and match day officials, home match day hospitality, coaches, end of season player awards and more. It is therefore vital that all members play their full part in ensuring all fees are paid in advance and on time.

All members are financially rewarded for any sponsors they bring to BIC. It is therefore possible for members to reduce their monthly fees significantly.

How do I report an absence?

As soon as you know your son or daughter will not be attending a training session, please contact your manager with details of session, venue, reason for absence and expected date of return.

Do players move between groups either during or at the end of the term?

Our role is to ensure that players continue to develop in the most beneficial way possible. This, at times, sees players move groups – in both directions – to aid this development.

Where this is the case, parents and players will be communicated with via the coaches to explain the reasoning and the value associated with making the change.

How do players & parents get to hear about the progress they are making?

Bi-annual Player Analysis Reports (PARs) will be produced on all players who have been with the Academy for 5 weeks or more.

Each of the performance tiers – Development, Advanced & Elite – which receive an individual PAR which will detail players’ strengths, development areas and an overall summary paragraph about the last term.

These will be handed out ad-hoc throughout the year at the point when the Academy Directors have reviewed and signed them off.

Where do we acquire BIC training kit from?

Our current assigned supplier is Joma and all of our kit is promoted on our website.

What if I have a friend who is interested in joining – can I bring them along?

We would request that players who are interested in joining BIC complete the Player Trial Request that can be accessed through our website. The completion of the requisite data fields ensures that we have all the necessary information including medical details, before a new player attends a free trial session.

Once completed, a representative from BICFA will contact them to arrange their free trial session.

What age groups do BIC coach?

Inclusive from age 5 up to and including U18s within our Scholarship programmes or as an Academy player.