Training Syllabus

The curriculum is a framework that will be used by all BIC coaches throughout the Foundation to Senior phases to ensure the coaching is balanced and consistent to Elite Development.

Alongside the introduction of a Player Development Record (PDR), the curriculum sets out the key themes that will be taught: the knowledge; skills and understanding required within each theme; the PDR outlines standards and achievement levels coaches will be required to monitor and record to assess each player’s progress.

The cirricullum will be designed within 4 seasonal phases:

  • Pre Season term  (The detail of Intended learning and outcomes)
  • 2nd Phase to Mid Season term  (the learning activities will design the practices to meet the individual needs of the player and the group)
  • 3rd Phase (Review / Assessment of the effectiveness of the learning protocol)
  • Final Phase (Measured outcomes and next season planning)

Chris Palmer has devised our curriculum to encompass the FA 4 Corners, support the objectives of the EPPP and based on the model used at Southampton FC Academy of which Chris played a part during an 11 year spell.

Specific 4 factors:

  • Technical
  • Intelligence
  • Athleticism
  • Personality

“We produce some but not as many. It is exceptional what Southampton have done”

Arsene Wenger

To aid social and personality development we believe each coach, manager & player would benefit from the simple action of a handshake at the start & end of each session or game. Not only a gesture of welcome, but a show of mutual respect and team/club bonding.