Playing Philosophy

The centre adopts a positive attacking style, an aggressive defending style and a flexible approach with clear understanding of key areas.

The centre will adopt a positive attacking style with a clear emphasis on:

  • Individual attacking technique and skill
  • Team passing and combination play
  • Playing from the goalkeeper, out the back and through the thirds

The centre will adopt an aggressive defending style with a clear emphasis on:

  • Individual defending technique and skill
  • Resilient 1v1 defending and support play
  • Organised small group and team pressing

The centre will adopt a flexible approach to the philosophy and understands the need to provide players with an all round understanding of:

  • The transition phase
  • Attacking and defending principles of the game
  • Styles, patterns and formations of play

The philosophy will provide the players with a program and a clear understanding within the following key areas:

  • 1v1 attacking and defending
  • Attacking when opponents are in balance
  • Attacking when opponents are out of balance
  • Defensive play whilst in balance
  • Defensive play whilst out of balance
  • The finishing phase
  • The transition phase
  • Goalkeeping in and out of possession