Our Philosophy

Our philosophy, ethos and ethics provides focus on the development of each individual player by ensuring: an effective environment, information and support in both training and match day experiences for players in our care.

Ultimately each training or match experience providing opportunity for every player to depart a better and more informed player than when they arrived.

The Academy’s programme for learning is naturally centred on football activities, yet we consider that we can offer many other facets, which are important for a young person to develop as an individual within society. Significantly, we are therefore committed to ensuring that all young players associated with the Academy acquire good values and standards, plus building confidence which will sustain them throughout their lives, irrespective of their ultimate achievements as football players.

We consider that a central feature of our role as educators is to ensure that all players acquire the value of tolerance, self esteem, respect for others, loyalty, self discipline and commitment to the cause. In addition to helping young players enhance their football ability, we will also aim to educate them on aspects of fitness, nutrition and health issues.

To create an elite environment that attracts, retains and develops top quality players providing an ongoing supply of academy graduates to to pro and semi-pro partner club squads, whilst ensuring those individuals who fall short of this standard have the necessary skills and education to enable them to achieve success either at another football club or in a vocational career.

The Foundation phase squads training programmes take place after school and at weekends.

The Academy will encourage each player to reach their full potential as they pass through the development phases. We aim to provide support for each player to achieve their potential whilst remaining focused in their school of preference. Our support and mentorship includes both formal and informal education which reinforces the high expectations of the Academy in relation to the ‘BICADC Academy & FC Standard’ of  Team Spirit; Friendship; Excellence; Elite Player Conduct; Co-operation; Effort; Persistence and Respect, which encompasses our holistic approach.

The Academy squads participate in the Junior Premier League games programme along with a number of National, European and Worldwide tournaments.