Our Game Programme

To help each player have a positive experience, we at BIC encourage all players to express themselves, play with freedom and ultimately play without fear.

Junior Premier League

To provide this environment we do not pigeon-hole players in positions. Our game philosophy, be this small sided games in training or development/league fixtures is to encourage players to make decisions and play what they see. This is their game not ours as adults and as such, their time to shine.

The games will provide challenges and problems for individual players or the team as a whole to solve and overcome. The coaches will use their experience to guide players to help them, come to and achieve a positive outcome. It will therefore be appreciated if you as parents / supporters do not shout instructions to any of the players.

By shouting instructions all that is achieved is the player is distracted and the opportunity for the player to make a decision is lost as is their ability to effect that particular passage of play.

No emphasis will be placed on the score line or league position being deemed a valid assessment of a player’s ability. We will encourage a description of what they, as an individual, did well and were pleased with – consider they could have done differently and lastly – the parts they will not try to repeat. This expanded to their assessment of the team performance in equal measure.

IBER Cup Estoril 2018

We have found players who self assess in this manner using a traffic light system, encourages players to view their performance in a more balanced and effective manner plus improving their understanding of the role they played in the game. The match therefore recognised as an additional means for each player’s improved understanding and therefore development.

  • For the actions and decisions made they are pleased with
  • For those actions that they consider “I might” have done or could have been done differently
  • For those actions or decisions they will not look to repeat

After each game we will encourage players to use the reverse traffic light system to self evaluate their participation.

All parents and supporters are more than welcome at our training sessions, development and league fixtures. Please note and respect the “respect barriers” at pitch side or other defined areas.

Partnership Clubs