Mission Statement

The Academy, coupled with our future scholarship programme, is an educational establishment. A player associated with Bristol Inner City Football Academy is engaged to learn and develop.

A young player associated with BIC will be embraced by a culture of learning. We desire that all players are happy, content, enthusiastic and dedicated.

The Academy provides a welcoming environment, which is professionally structured to offer the opportunity for young players to thrive and gain success.

No one can reliably predict the future for any young player, but we hope that when a player leaves the Academy, at whatever age, he will be able to reflect on his association with the Academy as being positive, worthwhile and fruitful.

Our Role

“Independent Academy experience for potentially Elite players, developing the person in equal measure to the player.”

Our Vision

To be one of the leading Football Clubs renowned for a strong association with its community and a long tradition of developing young talent that plays football the ‘BIC’ way.

Our Programme of Development

Encompasses renowned methods of development originating from Brazilian, Dutch & Spanish Academies.

BIC provision encourages players to be footballers first, play with freedom, opportunity to express themselves, without fear and providing a framework to encourage decision making.

“Mistakes seen NOT as a crime – but an opportunity to learn”