We are delighted to have linked up with Paul Tompkins Physiotherapy as the preferred supplier of physiotherapy for the Academy.

Paul Tompkins Physiotherapy

Paul Tompkins Physio

Paul and his team make up one of the premier private Physiotherapy Practices in South Gloucestershire with clinics in Hanham, Kingswood, Hambrook as well as his new clinic in the Somerdale Pavilion in Keynsham. Discount on treatment is available to all players and coaches.

Paul has an extensive background in treating Athletes at all levels from amateur to international level across a variety of sports. His experience includes time as Head Physio at Bristol Rugby Club and Bristol Rovers Centre of Excellence.  Prior to setting up his business, he spent several years working alongside surgeons in an Orthopaedic triage role.  He is also able to offer acupuncture, joint injections, prescriptions, gym based rehab and hydrotherapy.  Appointments are available throughout the week including evenings and weekends.

Paul Tompkins Physiotherapy

As well as running his business, Paul also currently works as a Lecturer at UWE and as a Consultant Physio with Cheltenham Town 1st Team. He also provides pitch side cover to a variety of local football and rugby clubs. He has developed a team of very experienced clinicians who work alongside him in clinic.  More information can be found here or by ringing 0791 254 1051.

What to do if you need help/advice

If you need assistance Paul and his team will be happy to help.

Please complete for the first 3 days of injury prior to visiting a therapist who will be able to assist the injury further. There are 5 steps to complete which can be remembered by the letters PRICE.

  • PPROTECT the injury area from being aggravated, stop any sporting activity which makes the symptoms worse.
  • RREST the injured area, maintain mobility as long as you are comfortable when doing so.
  • IICE place an ice pack or ice in a bag, wrapped in a damp towel to the injured area (prevent an ice burn), for at least 10-20 mins repeat every 2 hours.
  • CCOMPRESSION wear a bandage or tubigrip bandage, making sure the injured area is covered 8 inches either side. (make sure the bandage is not too tight).
  • EELEVATION raise the injured area above the level of your heart (if possible). Please completed seated or lying down.

Once these steps have been completed, please email or call Paul on 07912 541051.

We have negotiated a specially reduced price for treatment of our players as part of our link up with Paul. This will be £25 for players aged 14 and under and £30 for those 15 and over. This represents a significant saving on the cost of such high quality treatment. This rate is also offered to relatives of players should you wish to be seen about your own injuries.