About Us

Bristol Inner City Football Academy develops talented young footballers from the age of 5 – 18 years.

About the Academy

Following the implementation of the Premier League Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) and our Audit, Bristol Inner City Football Academy has produced a programme of development that replicates the objectives of EPPP represented by a 300+ page document.

The Academy has a team of staff to identify, recruit, coach, develop and support approximately 200 talented young players.

Aims of the Academy

At Bristol Inner City Football Academy we aim to make young players the focal point of the Youth Development Programme, with all our efforts generated towards acquiring and improving players who potentially will have the ability to eventually play for a future adult first team, professional or semi-professional football club.

The welfare of the players will be paramount and to achieve this we have put the following objectives into place.

  • The Academy acknowledges its responsibility to set high football, academic and social standards
  • The Academy will provide a disciplined environment where the players will work together to take pride in themselves and their surroundings
  • The Academy will promote and support good outcomes in terms of health, development and educational achievements of our players
  • The Academy expects all adults who have contact with the players to provide good models of behaviour, be honest and take the feelings of others into account
  • The Academy definition of adult contact with players also includes parents, carers, family & supporters