BIC TV is looking for your videos

BIC TV would like your clips to use in a monthly or bi-monthly feature. These can be clips of goals, saves, skills or any other moments.

If you have any clips from your phone or camera could you please
upload them to DropBox, Google Drive or OneDrive and share them with bristolinnercitytv@gmail. com.

If they are less than 10Mb you may be able to email them directly.

You can get a free DropBox account here: and you will have a Drive account if you have a Gmail or YouTube login (or get one here

You will have a OneDrive account if you have a Microsoft account. You can sign up for free here com/about/en-gb/

If you have any questions about how to upload and share clips email

All these accounts have sharing options once you have uploaded a file.

Could you also send any applicable information such as date, opposition, result, name of player, age group, league/cup and venue.

Filming guidelines: Generally filming of football is encouraged by the FA and OK.

Please do not film if the opposition teams ask you not to. Also it helps if you film in landscape (turn your phone sideways, it doesn’t even matter if it comes out upside down).

You can find the BIC TV YouTube channel here: channel/ UCcOj5SULfO0wSomR0a0v7Kw

By sending any clips, you give permission for BIC TV to use them and publish on social media.

We may not be able to use all clips.