BIC Players sign Pro Academy Forms!

A little later than I would have liked (so apologies to all the players involved), however, I am delighted to announce that since August we have had several boys sign academy forms.

Firstly, I’d like to thank all of our coaches for their contribution towards the players’ development & mentorship and would also like to recognise their commitment and loyalty shown towards Bristol Inner City Football Academy.

Timeo Whisker U10 – Cardiff City FC

Timeo was an absolute pleasure to work with! Always keen to learn and worked incredibly hard to improved his game and to an extremely high standard. This clearly allowed him to achieved the target he wanted and his ability presented.

I am excited to see how this talented player moves forward.

 Jacob Fernott U11 – Forest Green Rover FC

Jacob had been with the Academy for 3 years and was the ultimate model player. Humble but effective with an ability to take instruction from the training ground to the pitch.

Great understanding of the game for one so young.  A great kid on and off the pitch and driven to be the best version of himself.

Shamari Bogle U12 – Cheltenham Town FC

Another one club player. Very composed and sometimes misunderstood for being too relaxed. He’s quick, strong, technical and talented.  Shamari has shown great resilience after being unsuccessful on previous academy trials. He has started academy life well by scoring 3 goals in as many games as a centre half (Shamari is the light brown suit below).

Parent Testimonial 

BIC has been a fantastic place for Shamari he has really flourished since being there. Shamari started as an under 9 and the development that he has achieved is down to the BIC ethos and programme. The coaches put the time and energy into everyone, and as football is a very psychological game the coaches tailor  teach individual needs and requirements. 

BIC gave Shamari the confidence on and off the ball and helped him to further develop his communication skills on the pitch. He has made some lifelong friends and has had some fantastic exposure in great match fixtures. The team at BIC are not only coaches but are also great mentors always there for the child and family. Shamari’s journey with BIC has been amazing and we cannot thank BIC enough.

Callum Godfrey U11 – Bristol City FC

Callum’s rise is incredible. He been a goalkeeper for no more than a couple of years and joined BIC with that only in mind.

Trusted to play a year up and a star performer on our European tour, Callum has matured into a top goalkeeper and a fantastic person. He’s the latest of several outfield players converted into a goalkeeper to be signed by an academy.

Parent Testimonial 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Patrick, Andy, Luke, Ash & Sophie and all the coaches at BIC for the training they have provided to Callum since his arrival when he was 9 years old. He has played up an age group with Andy Garland who has shown great confidence in Callum’s abilities in goal at an early stage in his career which has assisted him with obtaining a BCFC contract.

The coaching setup at BIC is of the highest standard for outfield players and goal keeping coaching. Both Ash & Sophie have been excellent with Callum and pushed him whilst at training to obtain his maximum potential at an early age in his development, anyone looking to enhance their career to the maximum I would highly recommend BIC (BIG THUMBS UP from Callum).

Matthew C K Martin U13 – Bristol City FC

As with Callum, Matthew has recently joined the ranks at Bristol City Academy. Like Callum, Matthew has always had a tremendous temperament which seems to be god given. He joined BIC 2 years ago and was advised quickly by us that he should just focus on being a goalkeeper and not an outfield player

Over the last 6 months his stature has grown enormously along with his confidence.  A man mountain in goalkeeping terms and a player who I believe has the key attributes to go all the way.

Well deserved and he as already told me he is loving academy life!

Parent Testimonial 

Matthew (then aged 10) arrived at BIC on August 2016, hoping to train as a goalkeeper. He was an outfield player at grassroots and had never played a single game in goal. 

He settled in quickly and at the end of every training session had a smile on his face and felt very welcomed by the staff. 

After 8 weeks of quality goalkeeping coaching he was asked to join Bristol Inner City and played his first match v Arsenal (South West) in November.

Playing in a non-pressure and positive environment he quickly evolved and enjoyed the role as a keeper.

Over the next few months errors were learning opportunities, not mistakes and the training by Neil, Ash, Hannah, Sophie, Paul equipped Matthew with technique, focus, strength and more importantly a good Social foundation within the team.

The next step brought more academy opposition within friendlies, and tournaments (including Portugal playing academies from all around the world).

Matthew’s development with Bristol Inner City has been truly amazing and as parents we have only praise for how he has been coached and managed.

On Tuesday 14th August 2018, Matthew signed a two year contract with Bristol City after being watched in a BIC game. The transformation has been incredible and I can’t thank Patrick Williams enough for providing an academy with such professionalism and ethos, that children thrive and grow as footballers and young men.

Matthew has settled well in his new challenge, because of the similar environment at BIC and has already played two games for City. (Still with a smile on his face!)

Thank you.

With more players on the verge of signing, we now have squad space available across all of our age groups U7-U15. For more information about signing up for a trial please register here.