Registration Agreement

The player will be registered to BICADC (the Club). Coaching will be provided by BICADC on one evening a week with additional sessions from time to time. There is NO guarantee that a player will be selected for match days and the stated fees relate solely to registration processing and coaching. The liabilities under this agreement fall on the named Parent/Guardian 1, even where the agreement refers to the ‘player’.

Terms & Conditions

(i) The registration fee covers all FA and league registration fees.

(ii) There will be no Match fees for the forthcoming season; (only for tournaments) however they will be travelling cost in the way of coach fees when needed.

(iii) Where coaching fees are paid on a monthly basis, a player will be suspended from coaching sessions and matches if a payment is missed and is not then settled in full within 14 days.

(iv) In the event that a player is unable to attend coaching sessions as a result of illness or injury of a duration greater than 28 days, the coaching fee will no longer be payable, unless physio is required and your fee will go toward this.

(v) Coaching fees are payable over 12 months but coaching sessions do not take place in adverse weather e.g. snow/ice, over the Christmas period and during the close season (May – mid-June).

(vi) Where coaching fees are paid on a monthly basis we require one month’s notice if the player is to be withdrawn. This includes a player moving to a Premier or Football League accredited professional club academy.

(vii) Where a professional club academy approaches us with an interest in a player we will notify the parent/guardian of the player within 48 hours and facilitate a discussion regarding the possible transfer of the player.

(viii) If a pro-club academy or development centre approaches the player or the parent/guardian then this approach should immediately be referred to BICADC.

(ix) All FA fines relating to the player, such as match day bookings, will be paid to the Club within seven days of the Club requesting payment in writing.

(x) The player will wear the Club’s training kit to all coaching sessions and Tracksuits with Training tops to matches.

(xi) Match day kit belongs to the Club at all times. Replacement costs of lost or damaged items (other than damage in a match) will be paid in full to the Club within 14 days of the Club requesting payment in writing.

(xii) All transport costs relating to any Club activity are the responsibility of the player and must be paid 48 hours upfront before the fixture takes place.

(xiii) The Club reserve the right to suspend any player from coaching and matches where in the opinion of the Club the conduct of the player is below the standard expected. The Club also reserve the right to expel any player where in the opinion of the Club the player is guilty of serious misconduct or when the player or the players parent(s)/guardian use social networking or other means to bring the Club into disrepute.