Player Code of Conduct Agreement

Every BIC player is expected to follow a code of conduct that promotes healthy competition, sportsmanship, fitness, accountability and overall fair play.

To fulfil this expectation, every player is required to agree to the following:

1) Not to use foul or abusive language at any time, especially in training and matches.

2) To accept responsibility for all fouls and not to talk back to referees.

3) Not to retaliate against any foul. Any violation of this rule will result in the player being removed from the match, even if only a warning or a yellow card is received from the referee.

4) To shake referees and opponents by the hand at the end of the game, regardless of the match result.

5) To notify their coach PRIOR to any training session if they are unable to attend.

6) To notify the match-day manager at least four hours before kick-off if they are unable to attend a home match and at least six hours before kick-off for an away match.

7) Not to consume alcohol or take illegal substances at any time.

8) To attend at least 90% of all training sessions.

9) To agree with the Club a personal fitness programme that covers fitness work outside of coaching sessions, including close season and nutrition guidelines to assist healthy physical development.

10) Not to place coaches under any pressure in team selection. This also applies to parents.