Rules of the Coaching Session

The Football Association Laws of the Game are generally the rules of each and every session, we are sure you will consider this logical.

In the event of bad or disruptive behaviour, coaches will advise the child their behaviour is unacceptable. If this persists the child will be sat to one side until they have cooled down and are ready to resume with the session. If the child continues to cause a problem or is a danger to themselves or others they will again be sat to one side and be advised they now have a yellow card with the obvious repercussions if they receive a second.

In the event that any child’s behaviour is such that they receive a red card (i.e. a sending off offence), we will advise you, the parent, of this fact and they will be suspended from attending the next two sessions. The fact this is a rarity ensures that players are more than happy with and understand the rules.

Our coaches have found children responded positively to the fact that if their behaviour is not repeated or improves over the session they have received a yellow card this is then removed. If their behaviour remains borderline, they take the warning into the next session, this again is a rarity.

It is important that every child feels safe and secure without any undue pressure in order that they can relax and concentrate on their progression within football.

The following are not tolerated in the game of football, BIC coaching sessions or games programme:

  • Spitting at anyone
  • Violent Conduct
  • Use of offensive or insulting or abusive language and/or gestures