Player Development Objectives

Our role is to provide an opportunity for players to develop their understanding & techniques during structured coaching sessions.

By explaining:


Young Players will see the logic and so process the information in a more positive manner than being expected to carry out instructions just because they have been told to do so. Young players are not robots and so need time to make sense of the information they have been given.

Each player will be encouraged to “Master”:

  • “BALL CONTROL” with all parts of the body
  • the ability to “PASS successfully”
  • “RUN with the BALL” under control
  • the ability to “STOP with the ball under control”
  • Complete a number of “TURNS” in order to change direction and be unpredictable
  • “DRIBBLING MOVES” to help them gain ad-vantage over an opponent also prevent their play being or becoming predictable
  • To “SHOOT” with confidence and on target
  • “HEADING” the ball as a means to SCORE, not forgetting, DEFEND or PASS
  • How to “SHIELD” the ball from an opponent
  • Encouragement to use “BOTH FEET” when passing, shooting, completing turns and dribbling
  • To help players understanding of, and the advantages of, “MOVEMENT” and “SPACE”

Part of the player’s development is helping them to understand the “ROLE and RESPONSIBILTY” of different positions and the “SELF DISCIPLINE” needed to ensure they and the team are successful. This success is more probable if each player plays their part in a team effort.

“ANTICIPATION” possibly the most under coached eliment in a player’s development yet one that can provide or have the most positive of results. Anticipation will develop from knowledge of the above and put into situations, as below.

To provide more opportunities for young players to learn, each session includes games in a 1 v 1 – 2 v 2 – 3 v 3 & 4 v 4 situations. This provides the opportunity for each player to have more involvement and more touches of the ball.

All these elements are completed in EACH PLAYER’S own time and at their PACE. However, this can only be accomplished if the child wants it to happen. They will, like adults, become frustrated so: every player is encouraged to understand that making a mistake is not a crime but an opportunity to learn.

BIC aims are clear, to coach football and do their utmost to improve those players who attend sessions, working on the theory of, if each player understands just one bit of information or technique at each session they will leave a better player than when they arrived.

Our role is to provide an opportunity for players to develop their understanding & techniques during structured coaching sessions, in line with Professional Football Clubs Academies and Centres of Excellence.