Parents’ Guide

This outlines the agreement between club and parent and is important for you to understand them.

Football Development

Firstly, we at Bristol Inner City Football Academy would like to welcome you and your child to our Pre Academy & Football Development Programme, providing weekly structured training sessions.

Without doubt this can be a daunting experience for some young players however it is important that each player understands that their progression in football will be at their pace and the BIC method of coaching as been developed by numerous years experience of coaches who have worked with elite players and are there to help and encourage young players to achieve their full & true potential.

As committed qualified FA/FAW/UEFA Licensed Coaches & FACA members, of which the vast majority of our coaches are either former or current members of Professional Club Academy Coaching Staff, former professional players or have numerous years experience and track record in their particular field of expertise. All have long since agreed to adhere to a Code of Conduct for Coaches, which provides what you, the parent, and the players can expect of the coaches. We also provide a Players’ Code of Conduct and a Parent Code of Practice in return, this is expected of the players & parents during each session which officially meets with Football Association and safety guidelines.

BIC take this opportunity to advise you that we are providing a structured coaching course and game programme opportunity to help young players understand the game of football and the techniques that are associated with football. Players accepted as members will have shown a desire and commitment to improve their understanding with a willingness to work towards achieving the full potential of their ability. We are therefore not offering a general kick-about that provides young players very little in terms of understanding the game of football or even their personal & physical development.

BIC’s method is focused on “Mastery of the Ball” and its development in game situations. The main aim is that each player is welcome and receive an “Elite Level” of coaching only experienced by players at Professional Club Academies.

Our method of Football Development ensures young players will receive encouragement to improve their skills and enjoy playing football. Bristol Inner City Football Academy ensure there are stepping stones in place to meet the ever changing needs of young players and the method, structure and philosophy will help and encourage players to take these next steps when they are ready to do so.

For many of the children joining the Academy & Development for the first time or an advanced & structured coaching course, might be a completely new concept of football training. Please don’t be daunted, we are here to help your child fulfill their potential. BIC coaches can assure you that it is our intention to:

  • Work together to improve all areas of your child’s football ability
  • To be open and honest
  • Offer guidance and advice where possible
  • Encourage and believe in your child

The Football Association has provided guidelines that all parents of recognised academies and development centres must adhere. During their time with BIC, we will ask your child to commit themselves to a Player’s Code of Conduct and you, as Parents/Carers, a Code of Conduct plus the adopted FA Standard Club Rules to ensure we all do what we can to make young player’s experience at BIC worthwhile and young players reach their full potential.

We firmly believe that young players reach their full potential when they are allowed to express themselves and play without fear.

Ad-Hoc attendance serves very little benefit to a child, so children should only be encouraged to attend if they are enthusiastic, motivated and willing to learn. We trust you as a parent will see the benefit in establishing these guidelines.