Coach Agreement


1.1 This agreement sets out the arrangement for your SELF EMPLOYMENT

1.2 No employment or self employed contract with a previous club counts as part of a period of continuous agreement or forms part of a continuous self employed agreement.

1.3 All payments made under this agreement are your responsibility to make appropriate declarations to H.M REVENUE & CUSTOMS. for clarity of your obligations

1.4 No variation or alteration to this agreement shall be applicable unless approved by BIC in writing


2.1 You will be based at BIC’s Bristol Centre at the City Academy Bristol, Russell Town Avenue, Bristol. BS5 9JH or at such places as BIC may reasonably direct.

2.2 During the course of Self Employment you may be required to work in the same or similar capacity either temporary or permanent basis with any of BIC’s registered players.


Your role is as a BIC Academy Coach unless otherwise advised. For all work under this agreement you are required to report to BIC Head of Development or their designated deputy.


Expenses will be considered for events outside what can be considered the norm and will be at the discretion of the Head of Development.


5.1 Both during this Agreement and after its termination you shall keep confidential and shall not (except as authorised or required by provisions of this agreement) use or disclose or attempt to use or disclose to any person any confidential information of BIC

5.2 The term confidential extends to all knowledge and information relating to players, activities, operations, organisations, finances, processes, dealings, training and methods of BIC

5.3 You must not make contact with or communicate with any members of the press or media on behalf of BIC unless you have obtained the prior written permission of BIC

5.4 You must return to BIC all documents, software and any other records including private notes in relation to BIC upon termination of this Agreement.


In addition to BIC you are responsible for Health and safety at work and you have a legal obligation to ensure as far as possible your own safety and that of other people


In accordance with the requirements of The Health Act 2006 from 1st July 2007 smoking is not permitted at any training facilities.


8.1 You will need to purchase your coaches kit from our club website, in return you will be able to claim back 50% of the coaches kit back in your coaches invoice. This should be worn at all times whilst undertaking the role of Academy Coach; no other kit should be worn. It is your responsibility to ensure that the kit is clean and presentable

8.2 Any equipment provided ancillary to your duties shall be returned at the end of each session or event you have been tasked to provide

8.3 Any lost or damaged kit, balls etc and/or equipment may result in a deduction from your monthly invoice.

8.4 On termination of this Agreement for any reason, or upon request of BIC at anytime you must return all clothing and equipment provided to you by BIC. (Including but not limited to your identity card and car park pass if applicable) which remains the property of BIC. Failure to return any such items will result in a charge being made to you and you agree that any sums owed to BIC in respect of equipment or clothing not returned can be deducted from your final invoice.

8.5 Coaches with Children in the club will be expected to pay 50% monthly fees for all children involved in BIC programme


This Agreement shall be subject to termination by either party on giving the other at least one month’s notice in writing, or by immediate notice if you shall have:-

9.1 committed any serious breach of this Agreement

9.2 been guilty of conduct tending to bring yourself or BIC or the FA Premier League, or Football League or any football club into disrepute

9.3 cause BIC to be breach of the Laws of the Game, the Rules of the Football Association, the Rules of the FA Premier League or Football League regulations including FA affiliated Leagues BIC has obtained, or applied for membership

9.4 been under the influence of alcohol or drugs while carrying out any services pursuant to this Agreement

9.5 committed theft or any other offence of dishonesty

9.6 been convicted of a criminal offence apart from driving offences that do not involve a custodial sentence

9.7 assaulted any person or used threatening or abusive behaviour while carrying out services, training or matchday, persuent to this Agreement

9.8 been in breach of Ground Regulations

9.9 been guilty of any offence of gross misconduct


a. BIC has a disciplinary Procedure which will apply to you in connection with any assignment you are given under this Agreement.

b. Any grievance shall be dealt with in accordance with BIC’s Grievance Procedure

c. All workers (self employed or voluntary should familiarise themselves with BIC’s Equal Opportunities Policy.


a. BIC will hold personal information about you that will include details such as your name, address, age, bank details and emergency contact details. BIC may also hold sensitive personal information (i.e. sensitive personal data as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998) about you, for example health and sickness information.

b. Personal information may be obtained from various sources including your registration form, references, appraisals other performance assessment including medical, appropriate personnel within BIC, members, suppliers and other third parties.

c. BIC will process your personal information, including any sensitive personal information, for any purpose connected with your service provision and those required for working with children and/or vuneral adults, including for example health and sickness records and assessments, disciplinary purposes, performance and references

d. By signing this Agreement, you expllicity consent to the processing of your personal information as described.


Right to work in the UK

a. Before undertaking any assignments for BIC you must provide proof of identification confirming your right to work in the UK (e.g. your passport)

b. Failure to provide appropriate documentation will result in the termination of this Agreement. Criminal Records Bureau Check (CRB)

c. Due to the nature of work you will be undertaking which involves coming into contact with children or young people BIC will undertake a CRB check. BIC may need to reapply from time to time

d. Anyone who refuse to undergo such checks or have serious offences shown on their checks may have their service agreement or voluntary role terminated or will not be offered any role with BIC.


In circumstances where a coach as describe in this Agreement has dependants registered as a member of BIC, the coach may choose to make payment of their dependant members fee’s from their monthly remuneration package at the most advantageous discount.


This agreement is subject to English Law and BIC and you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in relation to all matters concerning and arising from this contract.