Bristol Inner City in partnership with Horfield Leisure Centre ‘Everyone Active’ operate this centre for the talent of North Bristol. We are a not for profit organisation whose passionate founders are from humble upbringing and are looking to pay forward rather than take. As a result we hope communities, grassroots clubs, coaches and players benefit from our holistic player centred programme, which brings together otherwise separated talent.

Our North Bristol Talent Centre caters for Girls and Boys U5-U12 (Reception – Year 7). If you would like to get involved you will need to register as a Coach or Player NOW. You will receive an email invitation with further details including your start date/time.

Premier League Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) Academy Coaching Syllabus. 

Bristol Inner City Football Academy has produced a programme of development that replicates the objectives of EPPP represented by a 300+ page document.

From this Bristol Inner City coaches create a player lead environment of self discovery with fun and enjoyment at its core. Therefore we help players, parents and coaches to discover that although there are many similar situations encountered in football, no one answer exists, only a best guess from a multitude of options.

Other nations are thought to produce more technically intelligent players because they have been encouraged to play rather than play it safe. As a result they read the game better. In order to catch up The FA has since developed a re-education of coaching because quantifiable proof exists that players develop best when not constantly instructed. In order to develop in any aspect of life, you must be prepared and encouraged towards creativity through trial, error and reflection.

“Coaching alone does not produce learning.”
John Allpress, The FA. “Develop the person, develop the player”

“Young players need freedom of expression to develop as creative players…
They should be encouraged to try skills wihout fear of failure.”
Arsene Wenger

FREE Trial Session available weekly

17:00 – 18:00    U6 – U9

18:00 – 19:00    U10 – U13


Horfield Leisure Centre – Everyone Active
Dorian Rd

North Centre Training Venue