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Being part of BIC for Ollie was the first time he received any real, proper professional coaching in an environment where development was at the centre. Right from the start Patrick made it very clear his philosophy in the the way in which BIC teams should play. I think there was a real pride in playing ‘the right way’.  Ollie’s age group won plenty of cups, tournaments and leagues but it was always the compliments of rival coaches and spectators about the way we played that made it worthwhile. For that Ollie and I owe Andy Parry and John Barker an enormous amount of gratitude. His football came on leaps and bounds under them and the reason he has been given this opportunity with City is a result of the good habits and practise put in place by them. It was a real wrench leaving BIC as we had made some really strong friendships with players, coaches and parents. I cannot recommend BIC highly enough to any talented young players looking to take their football on to the next level.

- Tom Merry (U12 Parent)